Line Dried Laundry

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius The video is a short clip, less than 10 seconds. The

Painted Goat Skull #2

Painted Goat Skull – weathered skull was found in Mills County, Texas which is known for being goat & sheep ranching


Two acrylic paintings. Done in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico sitting outside the truck camper I was living in. 


It is never too late to start prioritizing self-care. I haven’t always taken care of myself as I should. In younger year

Outlier Life.

Child-free by Choice I made a video talking about this HERE. My desire to not procreate goes back as far as I can remember. I

Collages & Quotes

Photo collages and philosophical quotes.

Bioluminescence in Baja – YouTube Video

On the “Adventures of Sandra and Dave” YouTube Channel: Baja 2019-20 #8 – Playa el Requeson. Includes footag

Another Journey

Dave and I don’t get attached to long term plans.  We scheme and have ideas about what we’ll do ….but then


A few ways to revolt against the corruption of the world: Realize The Value of Your TIME You are going to die one day. This al

Soap Making – Basic Recipe

I’ve been making soap for years now.  I’m not too fancy about it.  I usually make this basic recipe with

June in Texas

The weather is shifting to blazing, summer hot.  The nights aren’t cooling down enough to offer much relief.  In summe

The King of Coleslaw (Dave’s Spicy Slaw)

Dave & I made a video of him creating his spicy coleslaw. You can check it out HERE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coleslaw.  It&

Back To Texas

In December 2019 we loaded the truck camper and hit the road headed for Mexico.  After a leisurely drive down the Baja penins

BEST Pancake Recipe

Pancakes. We don’t eat ’em often but every now and then there’s nothing like pancakes for breakfast (or even

Living In Mexico During The Pandemic

Dave and I are in Mexico.  We’ve been here since December 2019.  (We still own property in Texas.) As of this posting,

El Conejo

El Conejo – “The Rabbit”    – Baja California Sur Thanks to the work of these Pescaderos (fisherman)

My First

  This is the first skull I painted.  A whitetail buck deer skull I found beside a country road.  Most likely it was hi

Get’er Done

Dave & I spent this summer in Texas.  I’m glad. This past spring, we went on a trip.  That was enough to s

Recipe: Pineapple Meringue Cake

I make this recipe over and over.  It’s that good. This recipe was in an issue of Country Living that was given to me i

Spring 2019 – Truck Camper Travels – Marfa, TX

Marfa is the seat of Presidio County. We rolled into town on day 2 of our travels.  The first night we met up with an old fri

A Little Bit of Arizona

We’ve been through Arizona several times.   Definitely a state we’d like to explore more.       &

Travel: Baja Banos

The bathroom situation in different countries can vary quite a lot.  I’ve driven the length of Baja (actually 2 states:

Painted Goat Skull


Minimalist Reflections At Christmas

I’ve minimized my participation in Christmas. There was a time when I had five fake trees.  Decorations for all of them

Laying Low

Grey skies.  Rain.  Cool temps.  That was today. Dave made a fire.  Warm house. Also, I painted for severa

Baja in Black and White

Mexico is a colorful place.  It almost seems wrong to do a post of Baja images solely in black and white.  But the light cre

Osso Buco-Style Meatballs

I found this recipe in a publication that my electric cooperative sends out monthly.  Great Recipe!  A wonderful comfort foo

Painted Whitetail Deer Skull

YouTube Video I started painting skulls several years ago.  I love animal skulls.  It is fascinating how bones linger on. 

September 2018 Update

This year we’ve done a lot of traveling in our truck camper.  We’ve made quite a few videos about the camper.

Football….no thanks.

I didn’t watch the super bowl.  I grew up in a small, football-loving town.  I participated in football season at my s

Chris Hedges & I Can’t Go Along The Way It’s Going

Yall ever hear of Chris Hedges?  I appreciate his skill in discussing various societal issues.  Hedges has provided me with

Propane & Pop Stars

There’s a propane shortage in the USA.  People are paying over $5 per gallon.  People are complaining about it. WHY

Being Sick Is NO FUN.

I’m mending things, gardening, and tackling the never-ending projects around our place.  Cutting firewood, making art,

Helicopter, Wild Hog, Beautiful Days

Dave and I went to town yesterday morning.  There’s a community rummage sale being held at the courthouse square.  For

Gratitude and Dead Sheep

I live where roads are more often dirt than paved.  Rural living.  It’s what I wanted. I went into town today.  Got a

Quote: Questions of Life

“When I consider the short duration of my life, swallowed up in the eternity before and after,  the little space which

Work In Progress – Dark World Poem

All around Is quiet. Close, quiet dark. Thick and soft Nothing but this space. Meanwhile in the world Everyone is staring. No


I’ve been reading Derrick Jensen’s Endgame volume II, Resistance. Slowly.  I’m reading it.  Slow because i

November Day

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” – Henry David Thoreau Mornings

No Coffee Experiment

We continue harvesting greens from the garden.  We couldn’t survive off the yield but a meal here and there with fr


This morning it was 30 degrees F. Brrrrr! Somewhere in northern Wyoming I saw it was 3 degrees. Well….. 30 isn’t s

Raccoon Skull

Last night the winds were strong.  Fiercely screaming through the trees and around the house.  The sort of weather that make

A Woman of No Nation

I’ve been getting up earlier since the time change thing.  My internal clock remains the same.  I haven’t set an

Willie Nelson For President and Line Dried Laundry

Maybe a better choice than the two primary candidates for president. Tomorrow it’ll be over.  All the build-up to the e

Moonshine: My ancestors were rebels.

Pictured is a copper still for making moonshine.  It’s from the late 1800s and was made by my great great grandfather.

Poetry and Squirrel Stew

I’ve indulged in hippie dreams, Swirling like smoke in cedar groves. Those backroad corners of my mind. The dreams my up

Dumpster Divers

Yesterday I saw a video of a reporter covering what’s going on in NY city since storm Sandy blew through. People were cl

Mint Tea Among Other Things

Today was a  golden day.  Sunshine aplenty.  I wish I would’ve spent more time outdoors.  But I was busy working at

Gorman Falls

Today we drove to Colorado Bend State Park.  The Colorado River (the one in Texas) cuts through the land near where we live.

Pecans & Ivan Illich

Full Moon. Today was cool and sunny.  It was a real nice day.  My parents visited and we cooked hamburgers on our little cha

Sack The Next Farm Please

“Also it is commonly believed that happiness depends upon leisure; for we occupy ourselves so that we may have leisure,

Freedom of Sleep

Sometimes I stay up late and sleep later in the morning.  Other times I become an early riser.    I rarely wake up to an al

Noble Work

If work were so pleasant, the rich would keep it for themselves.  (Mark Twain) In my small-town Texas, USA upbringing I was t

Terence McKenna Hairdo

The bigger you build the bonfire, the more darkness is revealed. – Terence McKenna Today the female goats in a neighbori

Eating off the Land

  SQUIRREL. First squirrel into the stew pot. I liked it.  The Other Half liked it.  Worth repeating?  Definitely. How

Links About The Collapse of America

A Forbes article about the Shadow Economy….a.k.a. Underground Economy, Black Market,  System “D”. http://ww

Study of Humans

Utah: Online Porn Capital of America?  – article at PC World Hmmm… the more conservative and religious a person i

The Westerner (poem)

The Westerner by Badger Clark (1947) My fathers sleep on the sunrise plains, And each one sleeps alone. Their trails may dim t

Cleaning Up Caradan

The temperatures have been 20s-30s at night and early morning.  Fifties during the day.  Perfectly wonderful in my book. I&#

From Inside A Turkey

These items were retrieved from the craw of a turkey that lived on my farm. I raised poultry for many years.  When left to ro

Friedrich Nietzche

Friedrich Nietzsche offered these bits: 1. People who have given us their complete confidence believe that they have a right t

Garbage In Garbage Out

Jacob over at Early Retirement Extreme – blog post – Garbage and excessive spending from the post:  “The U

Social Hermit

“My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibilty has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced freedom f

A Month Off – MOVED Into the Straw Bale House

I’m back after a month off. I  accomplished a lot during the blog hiatus. We are officially living inside the straw bal

I am No One

  I have been defiant. Stripped bare to the bone. Where I became no one, No one but myself.

Discipline Quote

“It’s easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” Leonardo da Vinci 

Minimalism Quote

“There are two ways to be rich:  One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.”   -Jackie Frenc


Exercised this morning.   Drove into town after lunch to run errands and acquire supplies.  The fridge was looking pretty ba

Quote: Life Sai Baba

Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – r

Brains, Heart, Guts, Soul

Sometimes existence is overwhelming. It helps to find particular coping mechanisms. You can’t depend on the biochemical

Much Too Wasteful

“Keep in mind how fast things pass by and are gone — those that are now, and those to come. Existence flows past us like a


My Kombucha. A fermented tea ….GOOGLE it. Fizzy…sort of tastes like cider. Easy to make once you have a SCOBY.

Only You

Like a child stripped of all knowing told Run away into the dark Where losing yourself You will find You are a billion stars C

100 Plus Degrees

Triple-digit degree temps are here.  We felt some relief here for a few days.  It WAS in the upper 80s during the day. The f

Land of the Free

Oh what a pity Sitting here  sucking on the gov’ment titty. That’s what they tell ya… You middle class sitt

Minimizing, Living Simple = Ahhhhhhhhhh

Last week and over the weekend we gave away and sold some things that we did not use or need.  This lightening of the load is

The Feed

Here I find myself Cast into this dimension or is it dementia? I digress, Here I was….I am here Like it or NOT? In a swi


“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring ent

A List of Things I’m Doing Differently

Some things I started doing differently to: 1.) Decrease my consumption/impact/amount of “life dander”   & 2.)  Save

Collection of Albert Einstein Quotes

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” “I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” “The eter

Buzzard Ladies

Buzzard ladies, I salute you. You are the topic of the hour, The fodder of gossips, And the inspiration for a thousand questio


“I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that

Rainy Day Baking: Spicy Molasses Cookies

Since it is raining and raining and raining I decided to spend a little time baking some cookies.  I made these Spiced Molass

Crepes Recipe

Crepes are kind of like fancy smancy pancakes.  We love to have them as an occasional  treat for breakfast on weekends. I’

Happy We Survived This Storm

Yesterday evening was an adventure. Around 6 pm our area began being hit by a large storm.  Wednesday we experienced a huge s

Photos for Today


Lizzards and Chicken Tractors

Today while Dave was taking Shorty for one of her mandatory walks around HTF, they spotted a rather large lizard. I was going

In Pictures

I’ve been finding lots of bits of broken glass in the garden and certain areas on HTF.  I am considering using some

More Chicks

The chick count is now up to 25.  Unfortunately, this number may soon be down by one.  The reality of having animals is not

Paradise Found, Gardening in Unlikely Places (book)

Paradise Found.  Every time I step outside at the Caradan place, this is what I think.  I also recently discovered a book w

Spraddle Leg

Today the chick count is up to 14 and I hear peeping noises coming from inside the incubator…so I expect more eggs to ha

More Hatching.

Lots of progress in the hatching department here at Happy Texas Farm. Chick on the way Our first chick finally made its way ou


FINALLY.  It appears that one of the eggs in the incubator has started to hatch. I noticed it this afternoon when I was turni

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Texas Farm is located in an area that used to be a small settlement.  Like so many of its kind, the little community h

Fence Up!

This is cause for celebrating on HTF!  The fence is finally up. Hooray- Hooray! I still need to paint everything- including

Overwhelming? Maybe it just “Is what it is”

Often when I look around HTF I see ALL the work I want to do and I am inspired!  Other times I feel overwhelmed.  Aaaahg! 

Farm News

Here is the latest goings on at HTF. CHICKENS We experienced a loss- (see this post).  One of our roosters bit the dust. New

RIP Huey

Huey – 04/2008 thru 05/2009 Our Light Brahma Rooster, Huey passed away on 5/12/09. He literally dropped dead.  Weird, b

Offline For the Weekend

We are back online as of yesterday.  Last Friday a big storm came through our area.  I haven’t seen lightening of


Today acquisition of a new wheelbarrow is on the “to do list”. We actually already have a wheelbarrow.  No way (in our wo

The latest: Fence, Critters, Plants, & more

No sign of them yet….potatoes planted in old tires filled with soil I have heard from more than one source that this is


Wildflower Things are really getting green around Happy Texas Farm.  The land is bursting with color.  These are some pictur

Buying In Bulk – Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

What I wouldn’t give for a old fashioned general store right out of a western movie!  A place where the stuff of l

Garden Gate Pictures

Garden Gate Latch This is the latch Dave made for the gate.  We’d been thinking it over for a few days.  I still didn’t

Building a Sturdy Garden Gate

Dave has been designing and building the gate for our garden fence project. HE is happy to report that this endeavor is nearin

Homemade Laundry Detergent Review

Two loads of Sandra & Dave laundry have now been washed using the Homemade detergent. I am happy to report that it works.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Ingredients and supplies I made my own laundry detergent today.  We finally got to the bottom of the giant sized thing of det

Stop and Smell the Roses

Roses The rose bush in the “front” yard is blooming.  This is the first flower….but it shows promise of many more.  I

A Day In the Life (pictures)

A common sight in Texas. This one is in our neighborhood. This old truck is also near HTF. Squash- ready to soon go in the gar

Treasure Hunt

We have begun our hunt for materials.  In building our house we are hoping to use salvaged material as much as possible.

Future Farm Projects

Completion of the Fence is the priority right now.  We might have been much farther along on that project, but mother nature


In the early morning hours we were awakened by thunder shaking the house.  Texas thunderstorms can do that. Because the house

Old Building, Goldthwaite, Texas

I’m interested in architecture.  Structures can be works of art.   A lot of old buildings in small Texas towns are

Goldthwaite, Texas BBQ & Goat Cook-off

I believe this year marked the 12th Annual BBQ & Goat Cook-off in Goldthwaite, Texas.  Dave & I went and checked it o

Late Start Garden

Some seedlings on the porch. Due to the recent move, we are getting a late start on garden projects.  Even so….I’m just g