False Narratives

Observations – Short & simplified. The data set from which these assertions are derived is extensive. There is no substitute for doing “THE WORK” yourself. Investing in the knowledge & having the discipline to execute action comes down to the individual. The actions of governments are dictated by entities that exist at higher levels. The … Read more False Narratives


Creating art is like chasing desire. We’re all chasing desire. We think attaining the object of our desire is what we want when really it is the desire itself that makes life worth living. Be disciplined and direct your desire well.

Donde estoy

Where I am. I’m studying Spanish every day. Estoy estudiando espanol todos los dias. The process of learning a language is interesting. Lots of frustration interspaced with flashes of triumph. I tell myself to dive in. Write it. Read it. Listen. Speak. Repetir! I watch Spanish-teaching YouTube channels. I practice writing things in Google Translator. … Read more Donde estoy

Corporate Media

My views are the result of thousands of hours of research since 2006 and my personal experiences. Corporate media is a weapon of psychological warfare. It’s not journalism. It’s a harmful, parasitic, enterprise. It intentionally distorts reality and is a negative influence on the world. The people who work within it are sellout agents and … Read more Corporate Media