Sandra Begotka

Born and raised in Texas.

I’m an amalgamation of the diverse variety of experiences I’ve had.

Diverse – very different from one another.

Variety – characteristic of often changing and being different.

I’m Gen X. Born in the last analog generation. I’ve experienced life before and after the digital age.

I’ve been using the Internet since 1993. I taught myself about the internet. How to own and build a website. I’ve used it to communicate, generate income, and collect, share, and learn information. I’m still doing these things.

Creative Spirit

I’m creative. Always. From my earliest memory.

As a toddler, I wrote a “book”. With ink and watercolor, I illustrated it. I told my mom what to say and she wrote the story down. I drew. I painted. I sculpted. With paint, pencil, crayon, mud, sticks, paper, chalk, and any number of random objects. I made things.

I continue to this day.

I find myself making use of a wide range of materials for my creations. I don’t stick to particular subjects or styles. I love to explore and experiment with anything that inspires me.


a person, thing, or fact that is very different from other people, things, or facts, so that it cannot be used to draw general conclusions

I have this memory from the dawn of my life. I was a child sitting quietly, alone, and thinking clearly I would live a creative and varied life. Meanwhile, the world always seemed intent on steering me into molds that weren’t suited to my spirit. I struggled for years between going my own way and attempting to “fit in”.

Lucky Grit

I thank the lucky stars I had the grit to never give up my creative spirit. I’m glad I followed the path to where I am today. I’m doing my own thing. Getting stronger and better at it every day.

This Site

I write and share about MY life.

Also thoughts and ideas regarding LIFE/Consciousness…the big thing we’re all part of here in this world. Civilization’s happenings and goings on.

I have links to information I’ve found interesting and valuable.

Pictures of my art.

Pictures of things I’ve seen, places I’ve been.

A List of Books