Today acquisition of a new wheelbarrow is on the “to do list”.

We actually already have a wheelbarrow.  No way (in our world) we got by this long without one.  However, little good it does up being located in Wisconsin right now.  When we moved, our faithful wheelbarrow was one item that did not fit……..ANYWHERE.  So it went into storage with a few other large items of ours at Dave’s mom’s.  She intends to bring our remaining things (THANK YOU THANK YOU) when she comes to visit.  How’s that for love….hauling a horse trailer full of our stuff cross country…so that we can once again be reunited with those items left behind.

It would be great if we could wait for our wheelbarrow to arrive.  BUT alas….in our world, a day without a wheelbarrow is like a day without bread.  Ok, well- maybe not that extreme.  But we do need one….like yesterday.  We have concrete to mix and pour into fence post holes….  after considering a sheet of plywood to mix it on and buckets to carry it in, we have decided- NO.  We’ll just become wheelbarrow rich….having two- His and Hers perhaps?

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