The Meaning of Life (journal)

Life is challenge.

From day one.

No matter what.

A life without challenges would not resemble any life on earth. Also, I think it would not be very interesting or inspiring.

Some will be unexpected.

Much is beyond my control.

But most importantly, I feel I’m able to choose a bit of how my life (challenge) manifests. This part is fun and I appreciate how fortunate I am for the chance to make decisions and changes and direct my life.

I sometimes think of it as like a video game. There are constraints based on the parameters of the game world. But there are also options built-in. It is up to the player to make choices and develop skill in playing the game.

I could choose to follow well-made paths and the standards of where I was born into society. In this case, it will still be a challenge. But I’d have fewer decisions to make and it might feel safer and easier.

I’ve chosen to take off in a direction other than that. I crave challenges that don’t seem to be the norm. I’ve continued to gain momentum in this regard as time has gone by. It feels more uncertain. But it also feels more inspiring and rewarding to me.