The Lake Chapala Days (journal)

The curtains dance in the breeze and the sunlight plays a pretty pattern on them as they move.  

I think all my future curtains should be like these.  White, sheer cotton.

I’m in a rented house in Mexico, sitting in the room I use as an office. I’m grateful for each good moment.  Fine weather.  Freedom.  Good sleep.  Plenty of interesting things around me.

Dave calls these the Lake Chapala Days. I will remember them this way.

We’ve been here for eight months.


In Mexico, I’ve been living with only a small number of my things. It is clear how little I need.

When I have the opportunity, I will go on a great purging marathon. I’ve been plotting it.

 But that will have to wait until I’m back to Texas.

Right now the biggest impact of minimalism is my focus.  I’ve decided to simplify many things in order to  concentrate more on video making & writing.


I’ve been re-watching older videos. I find a lot of room for improvement.   I feel I’ve been learning some good things. At this point I’m paying attention to the planning and production. Better looking footage. Good sound.  These things improve the end result.

Learning by trial, error, experimentation….takes time. Focus.  Making simple, concise videos to relay information or tell a story is hard.  It requires concentration and attention to detail.

Equipment – I could improve sound with a better mic set-up.  But for now I’m making what I have work.


I’m putting attention to writing regularly.  I find it positive and fulfilling. I often slip into a zone. Time slips away. I’m in my world, creating. I love the work of putting what is in my head into words.  It’s not so easy but it feels beautiful and worthy. I love the quiet of it. The thinking. The imagining. The simplicity of it. Only a laptop or a pen and paper and I can write.


I’ve recognized the value in letting go of many things in my life. I’m spending more time taking care of living well and pursuing my goals of writing and making videos.  

I’m fortunate to have been able to live this explorative and changing life and share the stories it reveals and inspires.  I should like to do a good job at it.