The Lake Chapala Days (journal)

White, cotton curtains sway in the breeze, and sunlight dances thru the window with their movement. It’s lovely and I’m grateful to be here.

I’m in a rented house in Mexico, sitting in a room I use as an office & art studio.  Fine food and weather.  Freedom.  Good sleep.  Interesting world around me. This is life now.

Dave calls them the Lake Chapala Days. This is how I will remember them.

We’ve been here for eight months.


I’m living with a small number of my things. It’s clear how little I need.

I imagine when I get back to Texas, I will undertake a purging marathon. I’ve been plotting it.

I think of the impact of minimalism. Right now it’s my focus.  I’m simplifying in ways that allow me to spend more attention on the things I value most.


I’ve been re-watching old videos. I know I have room for improvement.   Learning how to better use my equipment is satisfying. Developing my style is fun. Lately, I’ve been working on better planning and production. Also getting faster at editing.

Learning by trial, error, experimentation….takes time. Focus.  It’s a good exercise.

Equipment – I’m happy with my tools. I’m saving up for a better camera & tripod. I could improve sound with a better mic set-up.  I’d also like to try a better editing program. But for now, I’m making it work with what I have. Do your best with what you have.


I’m putting attention to writing.  Editing older notes. Making some of it into stuff worth publishing here.

I’m drawn to writing. It’s an activity that puts me into a flow zone. Time slips away. I’m in my world, creating. I think sharing through writing is beautiful and worthy. I’m attracted to the quiet of doing it. The thinking. The imagining. The simplicity. A laptop or a pen and paper and I’m ready to write.


I’m full of appreciation for my life. I’m reaping the benefits of letting go of what I don’t highly value. I have time to take care of living well. I’m pursuing my goals of writing and making videos.  

I want to continue to share the experiences and inspirations I’m fortunate to have.