The Feed

Here I find myself

Cast into this dimension.

Or is it dementia?

I digress,

Here I was….

I am here

Like it.

Or Not.

In a swirling whirly dirl

Of input.

Input. Input. Input. Input.

The Great Feed.

Impaired with innocence.

It overwhelms my soul.

Pulls me away from myself.

I’m cast into the sea

With all hijacked human vessels.

I’m labeled and stamped and registered into nonexistence.

Passing through wires and air and mouths.

I get the ideas.

In a frequency of capture and subjection.

too much

Information and lies

My brain is ringing

Turn the ringer off….leave a message after the beep

I’ll get back to you


(as soon as the shit hits the fan)

I’m out of my mind

At the trough of numbness,

Munching on episodes of South Park

Watching bandana-clad people eat rice on Survivor.

So stop telling me the sky is falling.

I don’t have time for reality.

MTV Cribs is on.

Anderson Cooper and Alex Jones can go jump off a bridge.


Maybe with Hitler,

I hear he lives in South America

His chatroom handle is Swash Tic Tac Toe.

I’m off the fluorinated candy.

I take bitter pills incrementally.

I inhale the aluminum, barium, and strontium

While listening to whale songs

Partaking of Mr. Bubble in the tub

and forming theories of my own


Ahoy, you pirate rebels-

I’ve left the ladder low

Dipping just so…

Into the stream of the Feed.

You can climb right up

Out of this captive hell.

But I’m warning you…

Stopping the feed cold turkey 

Can individuate your soul.

Standing on the shore,

Watching the fish swim by,

Caught up in a backward current,

Going upstream

Against normality and thus alone..


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