Make Your Choice

The way I see it you have basically two choices.

One – Avoid information & thinking which may cause stress or detract from a lifestyle of bill paying and comfort/entertainment seeking. Make no significant changes to your life. Believe that positivity and good vibes will win the day.

Two – Practise Situational Awareness. If you love life, I think you will realize that this is a time of great Change & Readiness Making. The future is going to be significantly different. Develop an honest understanding of what HARD TIMES means and then take action to improve your odds of being better suited to survive and thrive in such environments.

It’s difficult for me to find a short way to explain to you how I see the world unfolding. I’ve come to my conclusions after years of reading and ingesting a vast amount of information. Not to mention what my direct experience has revealed to me.

But I will try.

Detrimental changes are increasing exponentially. In my lifetime (I’m 47), I think odds are very good that I’ll be faced with the breakdown of civilization as we’ve come to expect it.

At times, when I consider how to face this, I’m overwhelmed by the magnitude of it. My circumstances don’t generate a feeling that I’m prepared in the best way. But I try not to let this turn me apathetic. Instead, I’m doing whatever I can to be ready which mostly consists of being physically and mentally healthy. I wish there were more practical things I could do, but alas I find I’m restricted by both lack of resources and the level of government persecution I’m currently being influenced by.

If YOU are in a position to spend money on practical things that improve self-sufficiency and even better, be able to generate a surplus, then you should do so ASAP. If you have kids, make sure they are learning skills for real survival. If you can find a true community and build it up….do so.

I wish you the best. I think the world desperately needs more AWARE & PREPARED individuals. I hope you will be one. People are going to be better off for every person who takes option #2 above.