Get’er Done

Dave & I spent this summer in Texas.  I’m glad.

Mural in Winslow, AZ

This past spring, we went on a trip.  That was enough to satisfy my wanderlust for a bit. During that journey, I meditated on the work I wanted to get done when we returned home.

  • Projects at our TX place….there’s no such thing as maintenance-free property ownership.  Beyond that,  I’m inspired to create and put myself into this space.  It’s my sanctuary and biggest work of art.   I’ve more control over how things are HERE than anywhere else.  The rest of the world has much sketchy and ugly stuff transpiring.  But here we can create a little slice of paradise…or as close as one can get.  For better or worse, you must choose to bloom where you’re planted.  I want this place to bloom.  I need it to be beautiful and peaceful and a place that nurtures & inspires me.  So I’m determined to create that in this space for as long as I’m here.
  • Make more YouTube videos & engage more with our viewers.
  • Write more often on this blog.  I’m a writer.   I did have a very active blog…back when we first moved to the Texas place.  But I’ve let this part of myself go dormant for years.  There’s a spark inside me.  I lay in bed at night thinking about it.  It’s time to relight the fire!
  • Work on our Etsy store .  I can’t express how much I want this to be a successful endeavor.  I feel like I’m ready to give this the attention it deserves.  So Universe…I’m putting in the work and sending the intention out there.  I ask for your help and blessings.
Etsy Shop