Football….no thanks.

I didn’t watch the super bowl.  I grew up in a small, football-loving town.  I participated in football season at my school.  It was fun.  For a number of years, I could enjoy watching but I feel I’ve outgrown it.  It’s destructive to the health of those who play it.  Brain damage is almost inevitable.  The corporate nature of the college and professional teams is a turn-off.  I no longer find it fun.  For me, there are too many other enjoyable and productive things I can do with time.

Instead, on Sunday, I had a pleasant day at home.  The weather was cold and rainy.  Not always something that keeps me indoors, but today it did.  I watched movies and ate flan.  Yummy.

In order for the system to change a critical mass of humanity will need to fundamentally change.  Reliance on the status quo must be reduced.

Real change would occur if folks could muster the will to be more discerning and critical about doing business with big corporations.  Stop going into debt servitude. Reclaim the means of production from the inhuman giants.  Make things smaller again.  Trade locally with neighbors and/or individuals working for themselves.  Barter.  Use less energy.  Create things of use and beauty with human hearts and hands.  Elevate health to a priority.  Produce nutritious, ethical food.  Live efficiently and wisely.  Instead of spending time working at a remote job so you can pay the high costs of living large……get small……reclaim family life.  Praise discipline and responsibility.

Throw out the television and cancel the cable. This media provides the most dumbed-down information and programming.   Encourage people to stop sitting on their butts watching fakery.  Get them up on their feet living real life.

Stop idolizing celebrities and “leaders”.  Fame is a disease in the minds of the famous person’s followers.  Grow up and lead yourselves and work together with others to achieve that which requires cooperation.

Is this idealism?

Any intelligent half-wit should see there is overreach and it’s pushing us down a dark path of increasing suffering.  I reckon this planet will call us on it one of these days.  In the meantime for me the best thing I can do is appreciate the good things I get to experience.  And also resist this insane culture in whatever small ways I can.   Not many may join me…..oh well.  I’m happy with the misfits.  It’s more interesting over here.

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