Study of Humans

Utah: Online Porn Capital of America?  – article at PC World

Hmmm… the more conservative and religious a person is the more likely they are to treat themselves to porn.   I’m not surprised.

Humans need to grow up.  There’s my plan for saving the world.  Too bad it’s about as likely as my dog laying golden eggs.

If I were an intelligent alien from another world I wouldn’t go anywhere near humans. We’re homicidal, insane people.

Years ago I had a friend who would often debate with me about Christianity.  I’m secure in my feelings regarding this topic.  I was raised to be Christian.  Regular Church.  Religious schooling.  But I remain a skeptic.  No doubt Christianity has immense influence and power.   Yet I’m concerned about how it acts in the world.  I question the origins, the intent, the meaning.       I don’t believe in god…nor do I disbelieve…I just don’t know.  My friend was really upset by my responses during our talks.  The stress was tangible.  They’d say,  “I’LL PRAY FOR YOUR SSSSSSOUL!!”  with conviction and force such as a one might yell “FUCK YOU!”  They frequently told me that while they “loved” me but my soul was going to hell forever.

I didn’t get upset over it then and I still don’t.  But it has crossed my mind over the years since.  I can commiserate with my friend.  There have been times In my life when I felt like that.  Life is hard.

Another thing I’ve given much thought, I’m willing to step away from people when they become too much for me to bear.  It’s like the drowning man who will pull you under with him if you’re not careful.   There is nothing wrong with practicing self-preservation.


I  enjoy festiveness and I use to enjoy putting up decorations.  But I recently got rid of those things. I’ve no intention of replacing it.  This year I placed a  section of a tree limb in our windowsill and draped lights on it. So simple.

The holiday family gathering is still on.  That’s a nice tradition.  My sister has recently joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses (????!!) and is also not celebrating Christmas.  Not sure about the details on that one.   I intend to have a good day regardless of whatever happens.  One thing for sure the food is always fun to eat.

New Year’s Eve.

We have a pile of tree limbs to burn. If the weather cooperates it would be fun to have a bonfire New Year’s eve night.  We’ll have our own Cremation of Care and maybe even drink a beer toast to the New Year.


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