Stop and Smell the Roses



The rose bush in the “front” yard is blooming.  This is the first flower….but it shows promise of many more.  I will have to get an updated picture when it is covered with more flowers.

Stopping to smell the roses….a good thing to remember to do.  Dave and I have been exploring our new realm.  Learning about the area.  Fun.

There is much local history to discover.  In Goldthwaite there is the Mills County Museum.  We’ve been told by one of our neighbors that there is some mention of our place.  The remnants of the old foundation on this land mark the former location of an a Cotton gin.  Apparently, a boiler exploded and 7 to 8 people were killed in the accident.  We are planning to visit to museum one day soon to see what it offers.

Just down the road from HTF there is a cemetary.  We took a walk to it with the dogs the other day.  One of the graves has a sign noting that the woman buried there is one of 17 survivors of the Meadow Mountain Massacre.  I will be looking into more as well.  I’ll post the stories of what I discover here.

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