Spring 2019 – Truck Camper Travels – Marfa, TX

Marfa is the seat of Presidio County.

We rolled into town on day 2 of our travels.  The first night we met up with an old friend in San Angelo, Texas where we spent the night in the Walmart parking lot.

Frosty & Camper in front of the Courthouse.  We enjoy looking at Texas courthouses!

We parked on a side street under the shade of a tree.  Dave made lunch and I cleaned the front of the truck & the solar panels.  Then we lounged in the camper for a while and read a book.

After our nice siesta, we walked around town taking in the sights.  A trip to the grocery store was in order before we headed out of town to the evening’s boondocking spot.

Hotel Paisano.  This is a cool building recently given a face-lift and refurb.  You can read about the history at hotelpaisano.com/history

Marfa, Texas is known as an art hub.  The town seems to be successfully working that angle.  No complaints from me.  I always enjoy visiting Marfa.  I love the buildings, the art, the West Texas landscape.  And I like that the town stays small while drawing people from all over the world.  On weekends it’s a good spot to people watch.

Wikipedia- Link to Marfa info

Green Roof – Marfa style.

There’s a variety of restaurants.  I haven’t tried them but they look cool!  We’re into frugal travel so we cook most of our meals in the truck camper kitchen.

GIANT (the movie) art installation west of Marfa.

Not Marfa….but  near Valentine, Texas.  The Prada Marfa store.  Not a real store…..just way out west art.  We usually stop for a photo op when we pass it.

It’s a good spot to stretch your legs and I like it.

From Marfa we headed northwest and ended up in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

West Texas Tip:  If you plan to drive around in this area…pay attention to the fuel gauge.  Fuel stations can be far and few between.  Best to top off whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Big Bend country is an impressive landscape.  The sky, mesas, desert,  and solitude of wide-open space is a favorite mine.

We didn’t do it on this trip, but I also recommend traveling farther south to the Rio Grande.

Want to watch video filmed in Marfa?

#39 – Marfa, TX – (Our dog Tuff was still with us then.  We think of him often!)

SPRING 2019 – Marfa, TX & Guadelupe Mountains Vlog 1 

I vlog our travels in North America & Mexico.  Dave & I also make videos showing our DIY projects, food, art, & lifestyle.

Here’s a link to our YouTube homepage.


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