Spraddle Leg

Today the chick count is up to 14 and I hear peeping noises coming from inside the incubator…so I expect more eggs to hatch soon.

All chicks are doing great.  We do have one that had spraddle legs.  I read that this is sometimes caused by them not getting good footing right after hatching.  I guess they are not able to build the proper strength in their legs if they can’t get their feet up under them.

This being said, this chick had sufficient footing (non-slippery surface) so I’m not sure of the cause?  I suspect that some chicks are just hatched out weaker…this one is smaller than the others.

I did some sports therapy with it on the first day.  Placing the chick on a rug and prompting him to move around.  Today one leg was doing good.  The chick had it up under him and he was able to stand on the one leg and wobble around pretty good.

He is very active, so I thought perhaps the other leg would gain strength…but after no progress today I decided to see if there were other suggestions as to what to do about this.  I googled “spraddle leg” and came up with this site:  PoultryHelp.com.

Here it is suggested that a splint be made using a band-aide cut in half (long way).  Visit the link and you can see pictures.

This evening, Dave & I put a little band-aide splint on “gimpy”.  At first, he didn’t like it very much….but now he is standing with both legs under him (with the help of the splint) and wobbling around.  Hopefully, this will work and eventually we can remove the band-aide and he’ll be good to go.

Will update!

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