Social Hermit

“My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibilty has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced freedom from the need for direct contact with other human beings and human communities”  – Einstein

I hear you E.

I’m critical of humanity/people.  Passionately interested in this human experiment.  But tending to get really wiped out energetically by being around too many people, too much.

I have much work to do figuring out how to be the kind of person I (think) I want to be.  I will be better served to limit my time judging others.  Instead mind my business and work on myself.  It seems like spitting in the wind to try to make any difference toward a “better” world in the big picture.

Today I am feeling frustrated.

The Wikipedia description sums up a big corner of my feelings.  I don’t enjoy these things swirling around in my head….but there it is.  I’ve found myself here often in my life.  Getting occupied with productive stuff is the best remedy…..So I’m outta here to DO.  There’s always plenty to do.

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