RIP Huey

Huey - 04/2008 thru 05/2009

Huey – 04/2008 thru 05/2009

Our Light Brahma Rooster, Huey passed away on 5/12/09.

He literally dropped dead.  Weird, but then having animals often does expose you to these sort of tragedies.

Dave was taking some pictures of Huey and he was posturing toward Dave (as he always did) and suddenly he got a funny look and then just tipped over dead.

A young Huey

A young Huey

Huey was a mystery chick we got in April of 2008.  He grew up and became a very large personality.  He was our resident attack rooster.  He was very interested in dominating everything and everyone….including footballs, basketballs, our dogs, and us.  We just kept one eye peeled for his cheap shots and let him be himself.

It is a lot quieter around here now.  We have another rooster…Fred, a beautiful black Langshan.  I don’t think he misses Huey.  Fred is friendly and doesn’t crow nearly as much as Huey did.

Huey made one last contribution to HTF.  He became several days worth of chicken dinner for our dogs.  We didn’t care to have him for dinner ourselves….  he was far too tough, but the dogs don’t mind at all.  We buried his remains under one of our peach trees where they can return to the earth.

R.I.P. Huey……we won’t soon forget you!

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