Raccoon Skull

Last night the winds were strong.  Fiercely screaming through the trees and around the house.  The sort of weather that makes me wish I lived in a cave.  This morning I was rounding up things that got blown around the yard.

We got up early to pick up pecans.  Gathered up about 20-30 lbs.  We were near the tiny stream that runs across a low part of our land when I found the skull.  I think it’s a raccoon.

Cloudy today.  A cold front is expected to come over our area later.  Looks like it’s going to be dry which is too bad.  We could use the rain.

Dave hasn’t been deer hunting yet.  So far the deer haven’t been coming around like they usually do.  I think it may be too warm.  The season lasts for 2 months so we still have plenty of time.

There’s significantly more traffic on the road and people in town.  Hunters from across the state and out of state come to this county as it’s renowned for hunting.

Just going to take it easy today.  Maybe find some documentaries to watch and read books.

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