Propane & Pop Stars

There’s a propane shortage in the USA.  People are paying over $5 per gallon.  People are complaining about it.

WHY is the price up?

I’ve seen reasons provided by the mainstream media.  The one I tend to favor is this:   Supplies are low because companies are sending it abroad to sell where money is worth more.


Scanned Yahoo News.  Top story was about Justin Bieber in trouble in Florida for underage drinking and drag racing a rented car.  Of all things happening and they report on this because they know it’ll get clicks.  Fewer clicks for stories about the rape and pillage of the environment.  Or how about some info on the corruption of all foundational institutions?  Not many clicks.    Instead, the media gives us deep coverage of a (probably) brainwashed teen pop star.  Ahhh yes.  Hard to see the hope without venturing into whoo, whoo territory.  The masses fill their heads with so much information like this.  They can tell you much about the culture. – Celebrities, sports, memes…..but ask them to name you a country that starts with “U” and they may be stumped.

Numerous examples of what could be called idiocracy.  People are not reaching their potential.  Instead too many are bogged down in self-indulgent and neurotic behaviors that don’t generate health.

I shake my head.  Is it wasted Time?


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