Progress: Digital Minimalism

Since this post, I’ve been working diligently each week on my file management.

I’m satisfied with my progress. Still not 100% done. But the light

at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

I worked on developing a consistent file naming strategy that I know I can maintain. For photo and video files I’m naming in a way that allows me to quickly find files by subject matter.

For journal and note entries I’m using a date dominant naming system.

For other writing and lists I’m using the subject matter to identify files.

I’ve created a lot of nested folders into which I place files in a way that makes sense to me.

It’s good. I look forward to SOON being done with this BIG work. After that it will be a matter of staying consistent and on top of managing new files.

What’s left

I still need to go through a collection of saved video files. Most of them were used in the making of YouTube videos. However, I don’t want to simply mass delete them until I have a chance to look them all over. Insure that I don’t delete something I’d prefer to keep. This is the most time consuming part…