Paradise Found, Gardening in Unlikely Places (book)

Paradise Found.  Every time I step outside at the Caradan place, this is what I think.  I also recently discovered a book with this title.

Paradise Found, Gardening in Unlikely Places

The author is Rebecca Cole.  I hadn’t heard of her before, but apparently she has appeared on TV and radio regularly and her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, among other well-known publications.

At first, I thought it was more of a coffee table book;  consisting mostly of inspiring glossy photographs.  I soon found it to be more than that.

Rebecca offers great tips on gardening design.  It is not a functional vegetable gardening book….but focuses on gardens for creating a personal haven.  Most of the content is geared toward gardening in the big city of New York, where the author lives half the year.  However, I think the suggestions translate easily to any space or place.

She offers simple tips that make sense and the pictures are fabulous.  It definitely got my creative juices flowing!  Many of the hard elements pictured in the gardens featured are of the vintage, rummage, flea market sale variety….which I LOVE.

If you love gardening;  if you are interested in container gardens;  if you’re a fan of vintage decor;  or if you just like beautiful pictures of gardens…you’d probably enjoy this book.  I was flipping through the pages over and over.

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