Peshtemal Towel (good stuff)

A Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel. It’s also called a fauta, and hamam towel.

Made of woven cotton. They’re not plush like a terry towel but instead thin with a flat weave.

I like them because:

  • They dry fast.
  • Stay fresh longer.
  • They pack small & light.
  • They look nice.
  • Multi-purpose uses – throw, sarong, table cloth, beach blanket.
  • Durable
  • Economical

I made a video detailing my thoughts on these towels.

Results of Minimalism

I feel strongly that applying minimalism in my life has made my life better.

Here are some things I have noticed.

  • The more I continue along this path, the more “what I want to own” changes.
  • My desire for possessions is more practical.
  • I find greater value in what I do than what I own.
  • I’m a better director of my energy. I appreciate how important it is. I care about and I pay attention to how I use it.
  • I’ve become more precise. Discerning.
  • I’ve become good at planning and then implementing goals.
  • I’m empowered to take action that’s consistent with my values.
  • I see how owning too much stuff leads to overcomplication and a reduction in self-sufficiency.

Driving to Puerto Vallarta

During our year living in Jalisco, Mexico.

Dave and I decided to take a road trip from Lake Chapala to Puerto Vallarta. Booked a nice-looking apartment on Airbnb and packed our bags.

Below is our vlog of the trip to our destination.

Map of Our Route

Click HERE to be taken to an interactive Google map of the basic route (shown in blue) we took in this vlog.

This LINK will show the same map as a satellite view.

Toll Booth

How Far? Time?

The drive was about 230 miles and it took us around 6 hours.

How We Navigate

The internet makes it easier than ever to scout a trip beforehand.

I, Sandra usually handle the “research” portion of our show.

I use Google Maps: Road maps, street view, map creation/saving, pictures, and reviews left by other travelers. If you don’t know all the features of Google Maps, no worries. Simply search whatever featu. Learning to use all it has to offer has been tremendously helpful.

We travel with a paper map, a stand-alone GPS, and a Mexican cell phone.

We use the cell phone, running google maps as our primary means of direction. It’s worked very well for us in Mexico.

I also check sites like “TripAdvisor” and do general searches of the internet to find out what I want to know about the trip and destination.

Other On the Road in Mexico VIDEOS:

Driving To Central Mexico During The Pandemic– Our FIRST trip driving into Mainland Mexico. This was a challenging time. We felt we HAD to make this move. It was for our well-being and it was the best decision for us.

Crossing the Border. Driving Across Mexico 2021

The Road To Agua Verde – We’ve traveled a bit on the Baja peninsula of Mexico as well: Baja California Norte & Baja California Sur.

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Buzzard Ladies

Buzzard ladies,
I salute you.
You are the topic of the hour,
The fodder of gossips,
And the inspiration for a thousand questions.
You don’t seek the spotlight, but claim it all the same.

Hermits of the hills,
I admire you.
The audacity to not need us,
Your solidarity of one,
The tenacity to shirk the fashionable
And lay waste to expectation.

Mad Scientists and Theorists
I enjoy the seeds you sow.
Bucking the status quo
Asking questions,
Digging in the soils of change.
Causing earthquakes under the foundations of what is known.

Hippie Poets Artists and Angst Filled Rockers
Your sounds are music to my ears.
Your brushes paint life vivid.
Enriching life through notes, words, color.
Translating emotions,
Shaking the souls of mortals
Opening dialogue portals
Making maps of thoughts and dreams.

You Provokers and Rebels.
You Berserkers of the norm.
You of a thousand stares and endless persecutions-
I stand with you in strangeness.
I worship at your table of weird.
You are the stars in the sky,
The illumination in the dark,
The curious wonder of a child.
The openness of innocence,
And the possibilities of the future.

Thank You.