No Shampoo (video)

Since October, I’ve not used shampoo. I’ve recorded four videos discussing this experiment. Below is the first one I uploaded to YouTube. You can view the others by visiting my Channel.


I’m impressed with the benefits I’ve experienced by minimizing parts of my life. The more I apply it the better and easier it gets.

Something I’ve been doing is questioning products I’ve simply taken for granted as necessary to daily life. These “normal” products of society.

Experiments like this help me determine what is and isn’t necessary.

If I don’t need shampoo:

  • One less thing (trivial) which I don’t need to spend my energy on.
  • Saves me money.
  • Fewer factory chemicals.
  • Less plastic to throw away.

When I began this, I promised myself I would give it at least a month. It’s now gone beyond that. I also had set a goal: The results had to meet a hygienic standard of being healthy and not gross.

I’m optimistic that this may work for me long-term. As time passes the no-shampoo method I’m using is getting better and more appealing.

I’ll probably continue to make updates on YouTube.

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