Moving…Are we THERE Yet?

When I went to college I moved a few times.  My load was a bit lighter then.  When I met Dave, I made my biggest move to that date.  He flew down to Texas to attend a friend’s wedding with me and then we drove to Wisconsin with all my meager belongings crammed into my little green pick-up truck.  Only if Grannie herself had had been strapped to the top could we have looked more Beverly Hillbillies.

Next we moved temporarily to Ballston Spa, NY.  We stayed there in order to complete a job we did.  That entailed closing up our house and caravaning to NY.  I driving a truck with our three dogs and pulling a trailer loaded with the tools of our trade, and Dave in Susie (as she was dubbed by a few guys working for us and riding along).

Susie was an Escaper motor-home done up all in shades of pink.  She brought a memorable aspect to our trip….beaching herself on the side of the road in downtown Chicago at the start of our journey.  It was not an ideal start…rush hour traffic, the Sears tower hovering in view- Susie overheated.  That taught us.  For the rest of the journey we administered to Susie’s special needs by removing her engine cover (in the cab) so she could breath better whenever there was danger of stop and go traffic.

Then we journeyed back to Wisconsin…once the job was complete.  Susie got a new home…and we heard that later on her top peeled back whilst traveling down the highway at top speed.  What a engergizing experience that must have been!  Susie…she was always a drama queen.

Dave & I sold our first home and bought another shortly after our New York episode.  Another move…this time only about 15 miles.  By this time however, our pile of stuff had grown.  Packing and unpacking…oh the memories.

Then at the end of 2007….a repeat, but in the opposite direction of my move to Wisconsin.  Back to Texas we went.  Fugitives from “real winter”.  This time into my grandparent’s old home just outside of Crawford, TX.  A farmhouse with so many memories for me.

AND FINALLY- our most recent move to our new place.  This one felt different than all the others.  I think because we mean to stay put this time.  No more moving.  At least not for a long, long….LONG time.  That would suit us both just fine!

Moving day to HTF!

Moving day to HTF!

Each time we have moved, we’ve done it ourselves….as in “no professional movers”.  I can only imagine what it must be like for those who do move and let someone else handle all the heavy lifting.

Surely they are missing out on the euphoria that comes after finally arriving at the destination and actually getting everything unloaded.  Not to mention the initmate reconnection one enjoys with all their stuff as they handle each and every last piece in the packing and unpacking.   And they don’t know what they’re missing in the joy that comes when you finally (FINALLY) find that thing that you just saw…but now you need and can’t find.

Like a giant jig-saw puzzel...the filling of the U-Haul.

Like a giant jig-saw puzzle…the filling of the U-Haul.

Ah yes…the joys of moving.  We’ve had a few friends and family help with some of our moves.  THANK GOODNESS!  It is beyond me to adequately express how much this helps…..moral and work-wise.

We are still unpacking….continuing to have conversations that go something like this….

Dave- “Where is “x”?   Have you seen it?”

ME- “No…but I have a vague recollection of seeing it…..I think it was here…no wait maybe I’m thinking about object “y”.  Then again maybe I’m just imagining I saw it.”  This followed by a search and box shuffle from room to room.  “x” continues to be missing in action.

We will get it all sorted out eventually though…and I’m taking the opportunity that always presents itself in moving.  THINNING OUT STUFF and lightening the load.

I’ve been developing a “less is more” state of mind over the past couple of years and implementing it.  It has had repercussions in more ways than just freeing up space…I feel lighter.  Not as much stuff cluttering life and distracting from the things that REALLY matter.  Keep nothing that you do not find to be either beautiful or useful.

So- am I an expert on moving?  Well, I can’t say for sure on that, but I have had enough practice to suit me.  For those readers who may be themselves moving soon….May the Force be with you!

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