More Hatching.

Lots of progress in the hatching department here at Happy Texas Farm.

Chick on the way

Chick on the way

Our first chick finally made its way out of the shell with a little help from me.  I know there are many sources that say you should never “help” a chick to hatch.  However, after 10 hours the little fella wasn’t making any progress and so I opted to intervene.  My grandmother raised chickens for longer than I’ve been alive and she often assisted with no troubles caused by the interaction.  Based on this knowledge, I decided I would go ahead and try it.


The first little peeper is doing great.  Super feisty, eating, drinking, and much practicing of flapping wings.  I’m happy to report that the first chick has been followed up by many others.  We’ve been having one egg pip right after another since the first one got started.  We are now up to 11 new chicks.

I’ve helped a few get free of the shells, but some have made it out with no assistance from me.  They all appear to be doing very well.  The oldest are getting more active, and the newest arrivals seem to be following suit.


Every time I look into the incubator I see more eggs with cracks….we shall see what the eventual hatched out count ends up being.



We are chicken rich.

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