More Chicks

The chick count is now up to 25.  Unfortunately, this number may soon be down by one.  The reality of having animals is not always happy or fun.  Life has many components that we may not perceive as good, but it is what it is.

One of the chicks hatched out in the incubator has a problem with his legs.  It appears the part of the legs comprising the joint or hock is malformed.  Specifically, the bones are on the outside of the skin.  The little fella can’t bend his legs and they are stuck high up around this body which prohibits him from being able to walk.

I spent an hour on the internet trying to figure out if anything could be done for this.  He otherwise seems healthy.  After my research, I concluded that it is likely he won’t make it.  BUT YOU NEVER KNOW ABOUT LIFE.  Sometimes it surprises you.  So we are letting time tell.

Dave & I did make a little brace for the legs….to try to bring them together up under him.  My thinking is that perhaps this will enable him to gain strength and correct the problem with time.  I have witnessed creatures exhibit incredible healing powers in the past.

It is tough to know what to do in these circumstances.  Nature sees these things through to their ultimate conclusion without emotion.  Either a creature overcomes and survives or they succumb.  I on the other hand am susceptible to emotion.  I would like to be able to help this chick and turn the tides in its favor.  At this point, we have done all we can.  I’ve placed him with the other chicks…as he peeped pitifully when put by himself.  He seems content to be with the others.  We shall let time tell if he makes it or not.


On a brighter note, little Forrest (as we have taken to calling the chick that had spraddle leg)  is doing great.  We can hardly tell him apart from the others.  A few days ago we removed the band-aide splint and all was good.

All other chicks are doing great.  They are growing rapidly!  Most of them have wing feathers and are enthusiastically trying them out.  There is much jumping and flapping in the plastic tote that is our make-shift brooder.  Chick time is divided between eating, running around the coop, and sleeping.  It’s funny when they all crash for a nap.  They lay next to one another and stretch out…like dogs.  When we stand over the coop and talk to them we have their full attention.  When I place my hand in the box they try to climb into it.

This weekend we will start building an outdoor chicken tractor, especially for baby chickens.  At the rate they are growing, we will need a bigger space for them soon!  I have a feeling being outside on the grass is going to be a big hit.

There are still some eggs in the incubator and I just heard some peeping about an hour ago.  Final count…????  We shall see.

Pictures from around the farm and

of the new chicks coming this evening!

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