Moonshine: My ancestors were rebels.

Pictured is a copper still for making moonshine.  It’s from the late 1800s and was made by my great great grandfather.  He used it during prohibition to make his own hooch.

I don’t know yet if I’ll have a go at using it.  Not sure I want to risk blinding or blowing myself up.  At any rate, it’s an interesting piece of family history and I hope it stays in the family.   Might come in handy again one day.

Today was partly great.  It was a golden day.  A day full of the sunlight shining just right through the leaves to make them glow.  A day when the doves came to drink at our little water trough.  A day when my goat made me smile scratching her belly across the ground.

Today was partly shit.

Dave is suffering pretty badly.  The really bad times come and go with his pain.  Lately, things have been at the worse end of the spectrum.

It sucks beyond description when you can’t make it better for those you love.

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