Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Texas Farm is located in an area that used to be a small settlement.  Like so many of its kind, the little community has faded and the businesses are long gone.  Not far down the road in either direction are some old structures covered in vegetation on their way to being swallowed up by time.  Grey wood farmhouses and buildings that were once the site of local commerce.  We have scattered neighbors, a few of which are only weekenders.

Memorial Day weekend saw more than the usual amount of activity in the “neighborhood”.  Our weekend neighbors were out in force and there was increased traffic on the curvy road going past our place.  Clouds churned on Saturday and Sunday the sky let loose with rain throughout the day.

It was a good day for cleaning the house and reading.  I wrapped up two books I’d been enjoying:  Under the Tuscan Sun by Francis Mayes and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  I recommend them both.

I love rainy days in the summer.  In winter rain is dreary and gray.  It reminds me of the blues.  In summer, however, it is fresh and rejuvenating.  At no other time can you smell the earth so profoundly.  The land seems to bloom and glow in vivid greens and all colors are more intense.  The air is fresh and clean.  Puddles make mirrors on the ground reflecting the sky, the clouds, the trees.  Beautiful.

Amazing how many faces the earth puts forth;  it seems even the view out our backdoor changes with every passing moment.  In our busy lives do we forget to notice all the changes;  the subtle and the drastic?  I feel lucky to be aware of it and take the time to experience these gifts of living on our little blue and green planet.

When I went outside to enjoy the weather my flip flops got covered in sticky Texas mud.  Surely this stuff would give the best glue a run for its money.  The HTF chickens were wearing little mud booties as well.  They looked quite sad with their feathers soaked but did not seem to mind the rain in the least;  running around like little kids. Later in the evening when the rain stopped they all jumped up on a crumbling brick wall surrounding an old well and preened themselves, quickly drying and back to their more dignified appearance.

Monday was humid and I could imagine I heard the vegetation growing.  My parents stopped by on their motorcycle and visited for awhile.  The dogs were thrilled and showed off by attacking their half deflated basketball in the yard.  Dave made his special iced tea and we sat in the shade of house sipping cool drinks and talking of our house building plans.

Later we had a chance to visit with two of the neighbors.  First one from across the road stopped by with his son.  We had offered them a couple of basketball goals that were left here and they picked them up and chatted for a bit.  In the evening we went for a short bicycle ride and stopped to talk with our other neighbor.  He had just finished bottle feeding one of his baby goats.  We talked about gardens, fresh produce, and animals while the goats inspected us from behind the fence.

We may not have traveled to any destinations or made out of the ordinary plans…but it was still a wonderful weekend.  I’ll take many more!

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