Life During Moving

Our new place was vacant for some period of time before we purchased it.  When we had our first look at the property it was clear to see that there was work ahead in the cleaning.

There is a large pit that was filled with trash located near the house.  Over time pieces of trash from The Pit had been littered across the place by the wind.  Some money will come from turning in the aluminum cans we have acquired.  I’m happy to report that we have since sorted through much and taken a big chunk out of what was going on in The Pit…  Mike Rowe dirty jobs guy should have been here!

The garage and little storage building were full of things.  Most of it not stuff we’ll keep- although we did salvage some building materials and items of potential use.  I painted the interior of one (we think it is from a drilling site)shed on skids.  It was pretty dark in there…coat of white paint that was here- and it is now a powder coating area.

We worked out our biceps (and just about every other muscle in our bodies) ripping carpeting out of the house.  Pulling out all those little staples in the floor gave me my first blister.  We scrubbed, swept, mopped, sponged, bleached, painted, and scrubbed some more.

We closed on the property on a Thursday…spent all day Friday cleaning and preparing a new chicken coop- then drove back to my family’s farm (where we had been living).  On Saturday we packed our possessions into a U-Haul.  Sunday…we finished packing, putting some items and the chickens into my parent’s cattle trailer.  Then we drove (Dave in the U-Haul, me in the Echo, and my mom and dad in their truck) to the new place and spent Sunday unloading, unpacking, and MORE CLEANING.

The following weeks were a continuation of the process.’s all kind of a blurr now.  We are still not totally unpacked.  We have been up to a lot of stuff other than just unpacking- which slows that part down.

In the spaces between all that moving related stuff, we’ve had abusiness to run…  WHICH was a juggling act in itself.  No electricity at the first, no internet, no water…much less heated water.  However, Dave & I were undaunted by such trival matters.

And even though business is slow, daily trips into town (10 miles) were necessary to visit the library for internet access.  We were offline at the new place for 14 days.  Since our business is internet based,  I needed to communicate with customers, get orders shipped, and do the online things that keep the wheels turning.  Dave prioritized tasks…like getting suitable electrical going for our powder-coating and bead blasting operations…cleaning and organizing workshop space took precedence over putting away clothing.  Arranging inventory and shipping supplies had to be done before arranging the kitchen.  There was a lot of stepping over and shuffling of things inside the house.

Electricity was hooked up on the Friday after closing.  That gave us running water…cold running water- but still useful for the cleaning!

It was cold showers for 5 days until propane was delivered.  I thought about my mother’s stories of growing up on a farm.  Her family had lived in a small house with wood heat and no indoor plumbing near Clifton, Texas.  Heated water came from a pot on the stove.

When Dave & achieved hot running water again…it was such a luxury.  Across the planet, people living today live without such things.  I figure, what one person can do…so can another.  But I confess- hot showers are definitely one of my favorite things.   I’m dreaming of a world where everyone has a hot shower.

I will post more soon.  Right now my dog Tuff is telling me he must go outside and chase the ball and I have post holes to dig.

Check back…I am posting before and after progress pictures tonight.

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