Land of the Free

Oh what a pity

Sitting here 

sucking on the gov’ment titty.

That’s what they tell ya…

You middle class

sitting on your ass

watching the news

Instigat’in a class war

Telling you the 

man across the river

in the shoddy house

is reason for fear.

While the rich man

Deals death by the millions

debt by the trillions

war by the billions…

Sorry…but I’m not.

I’m done apologizin’ 

For this realizin’

Reality is the cops 

Knockin’ at your door


You said what you couldn’t say,

You did what you shouldn’t do,

Now shut the fuck up.

Stick to the program

Or we’ll give you the ram jam,

tazers and batons.

Pen you up like a bad dog,

In the land of the free.

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