Keen Newport Sandals (stuff I like)

I like Keen Newport Sandals.  When one pair wears out I purchase another. As long as they are available and the quality doesn’t change…I will continue.

I prefer the leather version. Keen also offers a fabric straps. I’ve owned both and the leather lasts a good deal longer.

I mean it when I say I’m hard on shoes. I own only a few pairs and I wear these sandals the most.

I even sometimes wear them in cold weather with wool socks.

They aren’t perfect in sand…it becomes trapped inside which is annoying.

Small stones can also get trapped and it’s hard to get them out. I usually have to take the shoe off to shake them out. But it isn’t a big issue for me.

I wear them on land and water. I hike in them. I run in them. I work in them. I ride my bike in them. I use them for daily wear. They are my go-to travel shoes.

Keep scrolling for videos I made showing the sandals.

One last note: I’m a #minimalist What this means is I’ve been proactively reducing my consumption while also shedding many possessions.

I have fewer things and I make higher demands on what I own. I want quality.

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