Imposter Government

I quit voting. A conscious, well-thought-out, deliberate choice.

All my learning. All my experience. All data and feedback I’m getting from this world. It overwhelmingly indicates that voting is useless in so far as achieving anything that I might want to achieve. There’s no honor in it anymore.

The level of corruption in the U.S. government can’t be stopped, diminished, or changed in any way by working within the system. Corruption controls the system in its entirety. Including voting. Essentially by voting, I would be participating in corruption.

So….what to do instead?

I act to be autonomous. I act to live well and healthily. I act to be free and strong. I act to educate myself. I’m ceasing participation in their slave culture. I’m becoming a philosopher warrior. Doing these things puts me in direct defiance of the psychopaths who are currently running our civilization.