Here we are at the end.

For years I steadily created and posted videos to a YouTube channel. But it’s been months since I uploaded anything. Part of me believes I’ll put up a new video eventually. However, at the moment, I have no urgency about it.

I’ve been feeling put off by social media for a while. More and more this feeling grows.

I often think to myself:

Here we are at the end of the internet. I’m wistful about it. I prophesized in 1995 that the space would become controlled by corporations and polluted with advertising.

And so it has.

Restrictions are being implemented. People are hanging out in a few tightly managed spaces. The popular online spaces are owned and freedom of speech is not a corporate policy. You’re on private property. A concentration camp.

The bots are loose in the ranks. Little to nothing can be trusted. Is it real? Who knows?

Ads. It’s worse than TV in many ways. In the beginning, it was easier to blow them off. But over time their number grew. More forceful and less avoidable they continually become. Today I noticed myself being greatly annoyed by the ads. It was visceral….as if I was in the presence of a horrid stench. I’m completely sick of it. Bleck!

So…I find myself in a limbo of thoughts regarding the current internet. On the one hand, I’ve chosen to make good use of it. I appreciate what it’s contributed to my life. I still get value from it in many ways.

But after all these years, I say without hesitation: The internet is in decline.

I’m exasperated by the spread of the toxicity. A virus has taken hold. Past the point of no return, I’d say. The only thing that can save the day would be an epic EMP that entirely wipes out electronics on Earth. Digital…poof…gone.

I’m not moving to the ends of the earth yet. I’m strangely fascinated by observing what is happening. But at the moment, my use of the internet is intentionally limited by me.

I think it’s possible that one day I might ditch it in the same way I did TV. Well….as much as possible. It has so taken over that it could be nearly impossible to avoid it altogether.