Helicopter, Wild Hog, Beautiful Days

Dave and I went to town yesterday morning.  There’s a community rummage sale being held at the courthouse square.  For $20 anyone was allowed to set up and sell whatever.  I wasn’t impressed with the turn-out for sellers.  Not many and a poor variety of stuff.  I’m betting the poor participation has a lot do with the $20 fee.  I think it would be better if the town would allow these events at no cost.  The same issue is going on with the attempt to have a farmer’s market.  The county has a low population.  The turn-out for these events hasn’t been great making it challenging to pay the fees and also make a profit.  It would be better to encourage these events by making them free to participate in.  Especially in the beginning as we try to increase the popularity.

Afterward, we went to the grocery store.  In the parking lot next door we saw this Bell helicopter.  The pilot and several hunters were preparing to go shoot feral hogs at a nearby ranch.  The wild pig situation is critical in Texas.  Hogs are proliferating and doing tremendous damage to ranch and farmland.  Humans are in an all-out war against them but I think the pigs may be winning.

In other news, it was was a gorgeous day.  I took the pictures while on a walk with Dave (who rode his bicycle) and our dog, Shorty.




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