Stop eating things that are manufactured in factories. Things that contain a paragraph of ingredients.

Eat Meat. The human body is physiologically designed for it. You can’t achieve optimal health without it.

I’ve read numerous books about vegan & vegetarian diets. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time listening to videos and podcasts advocating for these types of diets. I spent a year eating completely vegan…no cheating. I’ve also read the literature regarding eating animals. After all this, I’m convinced that meat is healthy and necessary. A person who eliminates animal foods will be lacking in nutrients.

Eat animal fat. It’s essential.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat the highest quality you can get of all the above things.

Drink clean, mineralized water.


Go barefoot – ground yourself to the earth.

Get sunlight onto your skin and eyes.

Move your body intelligently – be active.

Be in nature, learn about it, observe it, and appreciate how you and it are one and the same.

Expose yourself to heat and cold. Cold showers. Sweat in the sunshine.

Exercise your brain by reading, learning, building, or creating things.


Lower exposure to industrial chemicals: including hygiene products & household cleaners. Seek less toxic alternatives.

Grow a garden.

Get rid of TV.

Lower your consumerism. Work on letting go of attachment to materialism.

Focus on experiences over stuff.

Go to bed early. Get up early.

Challenge yourself – do what is uncomfortable – learn new things – travel.

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