Happy We Survived This Storm

Yesterday evening was an adventure.

Around 6 pm our area began being hit by a large storm.  Wednesday we experienced a huge storm as well that had us worried, but it paled in comparison to Thursday’s event.

When the worst of the weather reached HTF we were in the older wood frame portion of the farmhouse….and we ran to the area we use as a bedroom.  It is a concrete block structure and certainly the sturdiest portion of the house.  Here we crouched in a corner with our three dogs at the mercy of whatever mother nature decided to unleash.

About half of the top of this tree is now lying on the ground.
About half of the top of this tree is now lying on the ground.

It was the most powerful storm I’ve experienced.  We witnessed huge limbs breaking off the oak trees outside the window and lightning strikes that appeared to be extremely close….as in we could hear them as they came down;  a sort of hissing, cracking, noise of great intensity.

We were concerned we might lose the roof over our heads, but we were fortunate and there was no structural damage to the house aside from the top of the chimney flue flying off.

We have much to clean up.  Mother nature's pruning method ripped up our trees.
We have much to clean up. Mother nature’s pruning method ripped up our trees.

There was some hail, but it was only quarter-sized….we heard on the radio that Goldthwaite (10 miles away) was getting baseball-sized hail.

After the storm subsided….which seemed like a long time, we went out to survey the damage.

Many big broken limbs.  One of the smaller live oak trees lost a good 1/2 of its crown.  The yard looked like a debris field…leaves, limbs, and various small objects that had gotten tossed around by the wind.  Our creek across the road was overflowing the banks and moving rapidly.  Part of one of our sheds had the wall almost ripped off and the roof was barely hanging on.  Our trailer was moved off of the blocks we had under the hitch and the power was out for most of the night.

Our little creek....not so little anymore.
Our little creek….not so little anymore.
Out of bounds.
Out of bounds.

It was a fierce storm.  I was very glad when it moved away.  Unfortunately, more storms are predicted to arise this evening.  So, today we have to try to batten down the hatches before it gets crazy again.  Hopefully, yesterday was the worst we’ll see for the rest of the time we live here.  Not kidding.

Winds snapped sturdy live oak branches like twigs.
Winds snapped sturdy live oak branches like twigs.

I am not one to be afraid of many things….but I was definitely feeling anxious during yesterday’s eventful evening.

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