Garbage In Garbage Out

Jacob over at Early Retirement Extreme – blog post – Garbage and excessive spending

from the post:  “The United States produces 265 million tons of garbage each year. Since there are 300+ million [United States of] Americans, this means that each person on average produces slightly less than a ton of garbage each year. Although it is conveniently moved out of sight and thus out of mind every week, that ton of garbage has to go somewhere.”

I’m making efforts to reduce our garbage.  I think I’ve done pretty well but I’m still aghast at how much we generate.  This is absolutely a throw-away society.

Here’s some of how things go down here:

Garbage is divided.  Some cardboard and paper get composted.  I re-use boxes and packing materials.  Other paper and plastic we burn (a terrible solution?)….the ashes are bagged and taken to the garbage relay station.  I try to make use of glass jars and plastic containers…they’re handy to repurpose as storage:  In the kitchen & for things like hardware (nuts, bolts, nails,etc).

We don’t consume sodas.  So no aluminum cans.  We rarely purchase milk or juice…so less plastic.  I prefer and make an effort to buy “real” whole food that isn’t packaged in throw-away containers.  We freeze and can food from the garden.  Eggs are from our chickens.  Feed bags from chicken food make great trash bags. I don’t see the sense in buying plastic garbage bags when feed bags are literally blowing around in the ditches near my home.

Kitchen scraps are composted or fed to chickens.

We fix stuff when we can and buy used instead of new.  When we want to get rid of something I find a home for it…donate it, give it away, etc if it’s still useful.

I’m acutely conscious about what we drag home.  Asking myself, “What sort of garbage is going to result from bringing any given object home?”

I have fabric shopping bags.  I take them with me and ask that my stuff goes into those instead of plastic bags.

I wish more stores sold bulk items.  Less packaging and containers. I buy this way when it’s available.

Vinegar, baking soda, borax, washing soda, and bleach are our cleaners.  These cover everything.  Cleaning of the entire house and laundry.  The “special” kitchen and bath cleaners are completely unnecessary.

I’ve succeeded in stopping most of the junk/unsolicited mail.  We frequently go days between getting mail.  Our subscription to the local paper is online and we don’t buy magazines.

We’re into Re-using, Re-purposing, and Recycling as much as we can.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to further reduce the garbage I’m responsible for.

I wasn’t always so conscious about garbage.  But my ideas have evolved a lot in the past few years.  I am living proof that people can change.  It’s my hope that my actions can inspire others….the world needs people willing to change.

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