False Narratives


Short & simplified. The data set from which these assertions are derived is extensive. There is no substitute for doing “THE WORK” yourself. Investing in the knowledge & having the discipline to execute action comes down to the individual.

The actions of governments are dictated by entities that exist at higher levels.

The general populace (voters/citizens) is at the lowest level which has the least influence on policies and the resulting society. Citizenry is used to implement the plans and agenda constructed by those at the top. People are coerced through various psychological and physical means into ACTING/living in ways that achieve this.

Voting is endorsed and portrayed as the citizen’s contribution to creating the society. But it is a con.

Voting as an authentic expression of power is a false narrative. One of many that exist in the sophisticated architecture of conditioning in a human management system. A system developed by overlords who operate at the top levels of the human hierarchy, outside and above government.

Voting at the national level is purely symbolic. Citizens are encouraged to believe it’s legitimate and their “civic” duty. Mind control is used to enforce these ideas.

Voting and the structure of government at lower levels are used as a screening tool for finding those corrupt enough to move up in the hierarchy of minions used within the architecture of control. (Similar to various “societies”, clubs, fraternities, groups, etc.) It’s also rife with those jostling in pursuit of self-interest. “Climbers”. Gaining a position within the local hierarchy offers benefits of power and financial gain. Inside information and the advantages it affords. It also reinforces the psychological “belief in the system” aspect…as people are in close proximity to local results of their participation in the system at a level just high enough to invoke the belief that it works and is “real”. Crumbs from the tablecloth.

Breaking free from this wrong thinking is difficult. In doing so one must admit to being duped on a monumental scale. The ego doesn’t want to face this reality. It’s traumatizing because humans strongly identify with the ego and the belief systems that develop early in life. The overlords are well aware of this. They utilize psychological techniques to condition citizens. (Control of all information that is readily accessed and distributed – those things people are GUIDED TO – in society – schools, culture, media).

Besides the difficulty of admitting you’ve been tricked…it is also overwhelming to realize how the world and humanity are controlled.

Think of it this way.

Voting is part of the prison. It was created and allowed to us by overlords (enemies of your self-agency). It’s in their interest to keep us passive and mollified. Voting is one of many tools designed to provide that result. Our energy is thus funneled into structures they control. Citizens are given the illusion of having a say.

It is not an effective tool for human liberation. We are only allowed what the masters allow us to have. Voting is their system. Participation in it is consenting to the high level of systemic corruption and being ruled by it.


What can you do? What is your power?

True power begins with deep self-reflection. Meaningful contemplation of thoughts, behaviors, and actions that are part of your daily life.

Health is the most important thing. You cannot liberate yourself from enslavement if you have poor health. The state of your health is going to affect every aspect of life. Your thinking ability. Your learning ability. Your physical abilities. Your relationships. Your ability to elevate your consciousness. Taking extreme responsibility for your health is an act of self-love. The level to which you take your health seriously is a stark measure of your level of self-respect and awareness.

Much of how we are exploited and manipulated deals with diminishing our health. Diminished health puts us into a state in which we are more effectively enslaved. If you truly learn about health and develop an awareness of what it is…body, mind, soul…you will begin to see how challenging it is to be healthy in this construct of society we are living in. This is by design.

Self-reflection and pursuit of health will lead to eliminating the useless, burdensome, non-essential, and toxic out of your life. You should expect that this will be an exceedingly difficult task. The mental aspect of your success in this cannot be overstated.

If done properly this will look like “dropping out” of society in many ways. This is because a large portion of society is toxic. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society.”

The dominant systems are actively collapsing. The weight of the toxicity and corruption is unsustainable. The overlords are jostling for the position of being in control of the outcome of this collapse of the current structure of humanity. Pay attention and you can sense their desperation in the form of the extreme measures they are taking. Does the world seem to be getting crazier and weirder to you? It is. Whoever is strong enough and wise enough will get to build whatever comes after. Be strong and wise.

We must stop providing energy and cooperation to the corruption and exploitation that is enacted through government and corporations by the overlords who are by and large psychopaths. Circumvent and exclude them by conducting your business directly with individuals at every opportunity. Create alternative systems. Edit ruthlessly.

Use the vast amount of information we have available to gain knowledge on how to assist yourself in claiming your power.

Consume things like news, entertainment, and culture with extreme caution. These are the primary methods by which mind control and psychological warfare are perpetrated upon the populace. Guard your emotions….they are systematically attacked in order to disregulate you. The overlords know emotionally chaotic humans are easier to influence.


Get morning and evening sunlight.

Ground yourself. You need skin contact with the earth. Go barefoot.

Daily exposure to nature/outdoors.

Sleep when it is night.

Wake and act during the daytime.

Minimize consumption of corporate food. Eat things that look close to the same as the moment when it was taken from the plant or animal. Prioritize quality food. It is hard to get, but worth the effort.

Drink water.

Move your body in a rational manner. Stretch. Go for long walks. Climb things. Use your limbs. Use your balance. Get your heart rate up. Develop good body control. This includes proper breathing through your nose.

Keep your space/environment clean and orderly.

Address mental or emotional suffering. Compulsivities. Anything disrupting your mental state. For optimal well being you need a healthy, peaceful state of mind – of being. Dive deep into psychology and philosophy as tools to “know thyself”. Engage in daily introspection.

Your goal is to do these things with care and consistency. Make it your normal life.

End Note: I’m aware that part of the perspective expressed above is at best an unpopular view. Understand that there was a time when I myself would have immediately rejected it. I began voting when I turned 18. For many years I considered it an important duty. I took it seriously. I would have defended and justified it with passion. I have not arrived at my current thinking and decisions lightly. It has evolved in my process of personal transformation as a result of seeking a higher awareness and truth. It has been carefully contemplated over many years. I’m always open to new and better information, but at this point, I’m confident in my view regarding the issue of voting.

Additional data:

I share data that I find value in. The information I consume is influenced by my unique perspective…the sum total of all other data that I hold including my lived experience. I use it to build my view of reality…thoughts, greater awareness, indications of where and how to gather more evidence and perform contemplation.

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