Facebook (journal)

UPDATE: January 2020.

Social media has been on my mind. What it offers and how it operates. How I use it. I have also thought about attention. Our energy flows to what we give our attention to. Who and what do I want to give my energy to?

I stopped using Facebook and Twitter. I canceled accounts.

I’m adapting my internet participation. Focusing more on what I think is beneficial. It’s a process. Keeping it minimized seems to work best for me.

I haven’t cut out ALL social media. Some of it provides worthy benefits to me. I would like to use the internet to enhance well-being and not support oppression.

I can always be contacted at – novaop74 (at sign) protonmail (dot) com


I’m keeping my Facebook open. Personal & the Page relating to the YouTube Channel.

I’m decreasing posting..maybe to nothing. I won’t be visiting the site much.


Cleaned up my personal page.

Made a post on the Adventures of Sandra and Dave page regarding future use of it and links where I’ll be active online.


I don’t like the way social media companies are behaving. I think they’re way out of line.

I’m interested in reducing my contribution to their success.

I know they profit from the activity on their platforms. Hence reducing my activity.

I have 24 hours each day to live. It’s smart to prioritize what I am going to do with that time. Whatever I create, I’m going to do it in a way that has meaningful benefits more in line with my values. Posting on Facebook isn’t making the cut.


So why don’t I just delete it altogether?

Facebook Groups & Messenger.

I make use of Groups. They’re a helpful source of travel info and a world bulletin board of sorts. The abundance of relevant assistance of this kind in one place is hard to beat.

Dave prefers messenger to send me things: links, articles, etc.

ALSO….I have spent a lot of time on the Adventures of Sandra and Dave “PAGE” on Facebook. So I’m leaving it as a signpost to direct people elsewhere.

For the time being, this is my intention regarding Facebook.

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