I’ve been reading Derrick Jensen’s Endgame volume II, Resistance.

Slowly.  I’m reading it.  Slow because it’s distressing.  I can ingest only so much anguish at a time. Derrick could have titled the book “Why We’re Totally Screwed Big Time.”  Or taking a more optimistic view it could be, “Rare Evidence of Slim Chances and Minuscule Hope”.

Yeah.  Derrick Jensen doesn’t come across as optimistic about the future.

Endgame Volume II discusses civilization and its destructive relationship with nature/the planet.  Jensen weighs in on resisting civilization and dismantling it….arguing that the stakes are life and death.

It wasn’t a fun read.  I recognize a lot of the content as ringing true.   Bad things are going to increase in frequency and effect.  No technological savior is coming.  It’s just us and nature.  Nature will have her way with us in the end.  It is insurmountable.  Some think we’re going to destroy nature.  Haha.  Nature will go on, just maybe not with us.

Life has been turned into schooling (indoctrination), work (slavery to production), consumption (the product of production), entertainment (distraction), and finally death.  The poor stay poor & the rich get richer……all while destroying the land on which health and life must depend.

Anyway…back to the book.  It was arresting to me as a person who enjoys the natural world as I do.  It would be good if a greater variety of people would read and be touched by the message.

I have my doubts that people will somehow overcome all the human characteristics that have put us in the position we’re in.  It’s well within the realm of possibility that our species will reach it’s expiration date.  Life can go on without us….we aren’t critical to existence or reality.

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