Dumpster Divers

Yesterday I saw a video of a reporter covering what’s going on in NY city since storm Sandy blew through.

People were climbing into dumpsters to get food.  The reporter made a big deal out of this.  He kept talking about it as if it were the most fascinating and horrific action.  Someone ought to tell him lots of people go dumpster diving.  It’s been going on for years…by choice. You can find really great stuff from dumpsters.  If I lived in a large town I’d definitely be a dumpster diver.

The reporter also said people were searching dumpsters for food because they didn’t have any and couldn’t get it from stores.

How long did people know this storm was coming?

Why do so few people prepare for events like this?  In the USA it is so easy to gradually stock up on supplies to last a good long while.

Humans have developed too much carelessness (and other weakness) in our civilization.  It might be better for our species if natural selection was permitted to edit out more of the ill-equipped to live.   Instead our society aims to “save everyone” and I’m not so sure that’s working out very well.

I’ll be first to admit that I’m not a very peopley person.  I’ve always been an introvert but I don’t think I am a born misanthrope.  So many of my people experiences have been painful, awkward, and alienating.  I don’t hate people but also don’t enjoy them very much either.  I don’t really blame them.  From what I’ve observed our entire civilization is very sick and so it produces sick people.  Lots of mental and emotional instability.  Lots of suffering that leads to more suffering.  I aim to treat others with respect and kindness while trying to keep myself from getting sucked into their misery.  The world needs more kindness and acceptance.

I’ve been making an effort to curb my more critical thoughts about people.  When I have those kinds of thoughts I try to consider that people are suffering from an immense lack of well-being.   Then I also remind myself of my own flaws and think instead of what I need to do to make myself better.  It’s tough to see the insanity, lack of responsibility,  and unconsciousness and not be upset by it.  I’m not sure where this human monkey experiment is headed….but it sure seems we’re intent on killing ourselves off one way or another.  The illusion of our success can only last so long.

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