Donde estoy

Where I am.

I’m studying Spanish every day. Estoy estudiando espanol todos los dias.

The process of learning a language is interesting. Lots of frustration interspaced with flashes of triumph. I tell myself to dive in. Write it. Read it. Listen. Speak. Repetir!

I watch Spanish-teaching YouTube channels. I practice writing things in Google Translator. I listen to videos in Spanish with English subtitles. I write in a notebook. I’m looking at, writing down, and saying conjugations. So many conjugations!!

I sense the learning is evolving based on how deep I get into it.

I tell myself. I must spend time each day with Spanish!

It’s energy-intensive to learn.

What else?

I’m painting. More difficult but fulfilling work.

It’s often mistakenly thought creating art is easy for the artist. I can understand how it might seem so. At times creations manifest readily, with welcome ease. But there are dry spells filled with frustration and doubt. It can be a struggle that fatigues the mind and emotions. But we artists are called to do the work…and it is satisfying to prevail and create something. Something that is a little part of ourselves.

Basic life maintenance plus these activities are all I feel I have time for right now. But life is good. I sleep well at night and wake ready to live and do my best.