Donde estoy

Where I am.

I’m studying Spanish every day. Estoy estudiando espanol todos los dias.

The process of learning a language is interesting. Lots of frustration interspaced with flashes of triumph. I tell myself to dive in. Write it. Read it. Listen. Speak. Repetir!

I watch Spanish-teaching YouTube channels. I practice writing things in Google Translator. I listen to videos in Spanish with English subtitles. I write in a notebook. I’m looking at, writing down, and saying conjugations. So many conjugations!!

I sense the learning is evolving based on how deep I get into it.

I tell myself. I must spend time each day with Spanish!

It’s energy-intensive to learn.

What else?

I’m painting. More hard but fulfilling work.

Some mistakenly think creating art is easy for the artist. I can understand how it might seem so. At times creations manifest readily, with welcome ease. But there are dry spells filled with frustration and doubt. It can be difficult and as tiresome as climbing the highest mountain. But for those of us called to do the work…it is rewarding like the view from the top of said mountain.

Basic life maintenance plus these activities are all I feel I have time for right now. But life is good. I sleep well at night and wake ready to live and do my best.