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Can you help me?  Would you be willing to go subscribe to my YouTube Channel?  – it’s under my name:  Sandra Begotka 

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Muchas Gracias!

You may already know I work on another channel:  Sandra and Dave.  It’s been around for years and is going on 500 videos as of this posting.

The Sandra and Dave channel has content relating to our travels, projects, and life together.

The Sandra Begotka channel is a space where I will talk about subjects that interest me:  current events, society, lifestyle, culture…and so forth.  A place to express my experience, thoughts, feelings, and creativity.

I’ve received benefits from what other people have shared on YouTube.  The useful things I’ve learned have helped me in many ways.  I’m grateful.  Maybe my videos will do the same for others…..inspire, teach, inform, or entertain.


YES.  Yes, our Sandra and Dave channel is monetized.  Any person has the potential to earn money from videos they post on YouTube.   I’m happy to have the opportunity and make use of it.  Compensation for what I create is a big bonus to participating on the platform.  The earnings aren’t tremendous for a little YouTuber such as myself, but I’ll make use of the passive income.   I love that my videos are online generating extra funds that I use to help support my life.

It’s not necessary for you to pay anything in order for me to earn funds.  It’s all done through advertising handled by YouTube.  Subscribing is FREE.

I want to achieve monetization for my “Sandra Begotka” channel.  YouTube has put certain parameters in place that a creator must meet before they are allowed to monetize.  Your subscribing and watching my videos will help me to reach this goal.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.


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