Digital Minimalism (journal)

Continuing the trend of reducing the amount of digital content in my life.

So far I’ve deleted all but three social media-type accounts. YouTube. Pinterest & Instagram (for promoting YT Channel).

Yesterday I began an experiment of not using Instagram OR Pinterest for a week. I’m gonna see how that feels. I have both of these mainly for promoting the YouTube Channel. But neither actually achieving getting eyes on the Channel. I wanted to give them some time to work….but it isn’t happening. I want to trim unproductive things. These may be gone soon.

I have a smattering of other online accounts. I can’t remember them all. They’re things I signed up for but never used. Amazing how quickly this kind of online “junk pile” can start to build up. A lot of it ends up being from buying things online. I think I’ve often been “sneakily” added to email lists. Ugg! Online life is becoming more and more invasive in this way.

With those things I’ve been slowly eliminating them if the chance arises… I remember it even exists or I get an email.

Surprised By The Effect

I fancied that I would not “miss” the things I’ve dropped out of. Surprisingly it has come home to me how much time I was spending on these websites! I notice having feelings of needing to figure out what to do with my time… in, I suddenly have a lot more “free” time on my hands.

That’s great. A desire to spend my time more productively influenced me to dive into minimizing the internet stuff.

This feels like a transitionary period. It’s taking some effort for me to figure out a plan for using this “freed” time. The things I want to work on more are. YouTube. Writing. Creating/building value within these 2 efforts. That’s where I’m focusing.

A few other things I think are more valuable for me to spend time on:

My health/fitness.