Corporate Media

My views are the result of thousands of hours of research since 2006 and my personal experiences.

Corporate media is a weapon of psychological warfare. It’s not journalism. It’s a harmful, parasitic, enterprise. It intentionally distorts reality and is a negative influence on the world. The people who work within it are sellout agents and bad actors. Enemies of truth and health.

Of course, I don’t consider it a truthful or realistic source of information. I monitor the messages they send out so as to assess what the enemy is up to. What mind control is being pushed?

I consume it with caution and minimally….keeping in mind its aim is to exploit me and make me sick.

Research Operation Mockingbird – good video giving a description/history

Operation Mockingbird – The CIA’s Covert Media Manipulation Program Exposed – (YouTube)

They’ve been exposed countless times in their agendas and flat-out lies.

My distrust of it is absolute. They are fully nefarious.

The only places a person might find journalism being practiced today are by individuals and small enterprises.

I will add things to this post from time to time that may be helpful in understanding how mainstream media is part of the war against humanity.

Got Milk? Get Fired (article about Fox News coverup of the harms of rBGH in milk) This is also useful in understanding why you should not trust the FDA…which is also an entity that works in ways that do great harm to humanity.

Udo Ulfkotte. About his book ‘Bought Journalists’/ ‘Gekaufte Journalisten’ YouTube – journalist admitting the truth about how corporate media’s intent is to lie and mind-control the public. Died at 56 years old, 13 january 2017. Suffered a heart failure according to official reports. On closer inspection doubts about this theory arise. There is evidence which points to a murder.

CNN Fake Newscast Best Quality – YouTube – Read the description of the video. This is the famous leaked totally fake broadcast during the Gulf War. These days they’ve become much more sophisticated at lying and deception.