Cleaning Up Caradan

The temperatures have been 20s-30s at night and early morning.  Fifties during the day.  Perfectly wonderful in my book.

I’ve been working outdoors every day.  General clean-up and organization.  When we became the new owners of this property it had many things I’d rather not have acquired.  We’re still dealing with this stuff.

There was a trash-burning “pit” of considerable size.  We rented a skid steer after we cleaned it up and buried it.  Bits and pieces of trash were blown around everywhere on the wind.  Old x-mas lights in the trees. Tires. A couple of water heaters.  Old air conditioners.  Crappy toys.  Various chemicals. Old magazines.  Baby strollers.  Rolls of rusted barbed wire…..and more.

The place is beginning to turn the corner as a result of our constant clean up and hauling away of debris.  The organization is evolving.  Walking around outside is much nicer.  I enjoy experiencing the nature of this place.  I prefer the piles of life dander to be at a minimum.

Another year is coming to an end. Time mostly feels like it is flying by.  I’m occupied with the life I am making.  I’ve often thought one life-time is not enough.  There are so many things I want to do.  So many lives I want to experience.  I’ve felt that way since I was a kid.  But I am glad to be on the journey.  Maybe we keep coming back and living lives forever.

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