Building a Sturdy Garden Gate

Dave has been designing and building the gate for our garden fence project.

HE is happy to report that this endeavor is nearing its conclusion.

Dave doing some maintenance on the welder cord so we don't get zapped!

Dave doing some maintenance on the welder cord so we don’t get zapped!

The gate is going to be large.  We wanted plenty of room for the wheel barrows of garden bounty to pass through.  It’s 5 feet wide by 6’7″ tall.  I guess if Shaq visits he’ll have to duck.

Dave used angle iron and re-bar for the frame.  The inside is done up nicely with pieces of some panel that were here when we moved in.  The bullet hinges were picked up at the local farm, ranch, and hardware supply place.

The gate inside the corner "H" brace.

The gate inside the corner “H” brace.

Dave was concerned about the gate being too “twangy”.  That’s why he added the rebar for extra support.  I’ve been assisting with the moving and opening of the gate while he was welding away…..I can report that it feels pretty heavy duty to me.

Right now he is working on the latch.  We are using some reclaimed materials from HTF.  One object is an old gear we found half buried on the land across the road.  Another is a large wrench that was in one of the sheds.

I was hung up on him using the gear thing….then we just sort of dug around to see what else we might have lying around and designed around that.  The big wrench is going to act as a lever and a counter weight to keep the latch closed.

I think it’s going to be pretty cool.

Last but not least there will be a plasma cut piece that I drew out on metal to go across the top.

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