Blogs – Websites

I visit each of these from time to time. I like them for various reasons. Will update.

In No Particular Order:

Mr. Money Mustache – About life & money – talks about how to “live a frugal yet Badass life of leisure.” I appreciate the ability to live frugal but well. Being smart about how I spend my money is important to me.

Of Two Minds – Charles Hugh Smith – Financial website with views and discussion I appreciate.

James Altucher – from the site: “Ideas for a world out of balance”

Ran Prieur – Blogger who shares a lot of interesting links. I initially discovered this blog years ago when I was reading a lot on the subject of “dropping out” of society.

The Noisy Plume – This is the website/blog of a creative lady who live in Idaho. I began following her years ago on Flickr (photos). I love her photos. She’s also a wonderful writer, and she makes jewelry.

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