Being Sick Is NO FUN.

I’m mending things, gardening, and tackling the never-ending projects around our place.  Cutting firewood, making art, selling online, reading, going for walks & bike rides, taking pictures, and getting sick.

Yup.  Last Friday I was out of commission for a day due to illness.  Woke up in the wee hours Friday morning not well.  I’ll refer to it as an irritated intestinal system and spare yall a more vivid selection of descriptive words.  Misery.  It’s been a long time since I was sick enough to keep me curled in the fetal position several hours… between trips to the *ahem* lavatory.  The worst of it lasted about 8 hours.

I can’t say what the cause was.  I ate exactly the same things as Dave and he wasn’t ill. So who knows.  I’m happy that it was short-lived.  As always being sick made me really appreciate being healthy.

The next day I was back to my old self and you better believe I was up and doing…..and feeling glad that I’m in good health most of the time.

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