Artwork 2020 (journal)

I made a number of artworks in 2020. Mostly paintings on board. At some point I hope to get them framed. After that, I’ll sell them if fate offers the chance.

There are paintings I did in Baja California Sur while I was living in a truck camper in the El Litro Trailer Park. A bit of a crazy place. I was here when the Plague came.

I painted a few in Texas at the straw bale house. This was a time of both gratitude and excessive stress. A time of rest. But also when worry nipping at me ceaselessly. Feeling betrayed by society and deciding what to do with that. Decisions to make during a time when the world is acting weirder than ever.

And more were painted while I was living on the shores of Lake Chapala in Mexico. A place I came to be as a result of doing the best with hard choices, adapting and pursuing a good life.

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