Another Journey

Dave and I don’t get attached to long term plans.  We scheme and have ideas about what we’ll do ….but then unforeseen events occur.  Off we go in a direction we didn’t envision.  This way of living isn’t for the faint of heart.  It can be stressful.

It seems to me, most people don’t like uncertainty and change.  They are avoided.  People settle into the ease of consistency.  That’s fine, but for better or worse….this hasn’t been the case for me.  My life has had a transient quality.  Dave’s life also has been one of many different chapters.  Never settled.

In this post I shared that we’d listed our property in Texas for sale.   It was listed for a month.  During this time there wasn’t a single showing.  There are plausibly several factors working against selling our property.   As people tend to do, landowners in our area have been pursuing their own self-interest.  In our area this has manifested by allowing large corporations to alter the landscape in a way I fear has made it less desirable as a wholesome place to live.  This is a rural area.  People choose to live in rural areas explicitly for the aspects that make it rural.  These are circumstances out of my control.

Also, our house is small by USA standards.  Additionally, our house is unique and many people are afraid of uniqueness or stuff they don’t understand.  Also, the area is rural and there just aren’t as many employment opportunities.

Bla, bla, bla….

At any rate, we decided to remove the property from the market. On one hand, I want to sell our place.  On the other….well, it’s a complex issue.  To buy another property elsewhere we need the funds from a sale.  However, it might not be possible for us to live in the USA due to the current state of medical tyranny.  The government overreach just seems to be getting worse by the day.  (More on that in a minute).  We don’t need to sell in order to live our life somewhere else (minus the buying a different property).  So, for the time being, we’ve decided to keep the TX place.  Maybe its purpose in our story is to be our refuge of “last resort”.  The world seems more uncertain by the day, does it not?

Now about tyranny.

We have a serious predicament.  The powers that be are obstructing Dave’s ability to pursue a reasonable degree of peace & well-being.  The government is ever becoming more wildly authoritarian (this includes both political parties).  The medical industry has forsaken its obligation to do no harm in favor of following the rules handed down by the government.   Based on their actions, I have a deep suspicion of and low expectation of help from these institutions.

Dave has chronic pain due to a spinal cord injury he suffered in 1999.  It is incurable.  It has and will continue to get worse as time goes by.  The policies in the USA have made it impracticable for him to get the treatment he needs unless he submits to being a prisoner without rights.  He no longer has reasonable access to health care interested in actually helping him.  As a result, he’s faced with 24/7 pain.  It’s degrading his life…and mine.  I’m not going to sugar coat it….without relief he wonders if he can even go on living.  Chronic pain patients kill themselves every day due to their inability to get help from healthcare in the USA.

When things are this bad….you have 2 choices:  Give up and die (one way or another)….or Do What You Can/Must To Survive.

I’m working on a post to describe the horrid situation that currently exists in USA health care regarding people with chronic pain.  But for now, I can assure you that the U.S. Medical system is failing people with chronic pain in shameful fashion.  Some claim they are acting with good intentions….well, the road to hell is paved with those.

In order to save Dave’s life, early in June we packed up our truck (no camper this time) and hit the road.  Back to Mexico.  Mainland Mexico.  Specifically the Lake Chapala area south of Guadalajara where we’ve rented a house for a year.  In Mexico, it’s no problem for Dave to get the help he needs.  He can buy the meds that give him a reasonable degree of well-being over the counter.  It’s a refuge from the insane torture policy of US healthcare.  We’re fortunate we’re able to be here.  Many in the same situation are trapped, forced to beg and plead for help and suffer at the hands of a cruel system that promotes funneling pain patients into an unending cycle of abuse.

Believe me.  I wish Dave could get help in the USA.  I wish it hadn’t come to this.

Mexico is beautiful.  It’s economical.  The food is great.  The weather is wonderful.  The people are friendly.  The culture is vibrant and community-oriented.  Life moves at a slower pace and everyone seems to be under a lot less stress.  Our days begin with coffee.  We’re active and exercise daily.  Healthy is our way of eating.  Drinking plenty of water.  Enjoying one another’s company.  Reading.  Learning. Making things.  Trying to keep our heads up and not worry too much about the future.  It’s never promised.

I’m pissed.  I’ve been crusading for change.  But frankly, I’ve lost faith in the government in the USA.  For those of you who haven’t realized it yet….most of our “leaders” are highly corrupt people.  This quality enables them to rise to their position.  Corporations control most of the important decisions.  Their model isn’t about elevating humanity.  It’s about making money.  So it’s hard to believe that I have any chance of relief or help.  I’ll keep telling them they have to change things. But I’m not waiting around for them to do the right thing.

Instead, I’ll use my grit.  Dave and I are willing to take risks to change things for ourselves.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”  Viktor E. Frankl

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